Meet Erin Yeschin. 

Erin is head chef at The Inspired Kitchen and curator of all things inspired and wellness related. As a child, she often hosted childhood tea parties for stuffed animals and spent more time filling plates & teacups for her 'guests' rather than being a part of the party herself. It was then she realized that her love of party planning, entertaining and all things 'food & fun' were her calling. After 12 years in Event Production and Brand Strategy, working with various clients for other companies, Erin realized she had a knack for finding less expensive ways to give clients more of what they want. She's since adapted that mentality to the kitchen, spreading the word about how she changed her health and her life just by changing what was on her plate. So she set out to create and adapt amazing dishes that cater to every lifestyle while removing the intimidation that most continually wrestle with.  

A philanthropist at heart, Erin is an avid mentor, survivor and advocate. When she isn't creating a new whimsical dish or DIY project, inspiring creativity in others, or generally out saving the world, she spends her free time writing, reading or working on yet another way to spread inspiration and positive wellbeing to ALL. Erin is married with three bully breed pups, whom she loving calls her 'Rescue Rangers' and although born a proud Texan, she currently lives as a Los Angeleno in sunny California. To see more of her check out her Instagram & Twitter.

Realizing you can take back your life by addressing how food effects your physical and mental health is the first step in eliminating dependencies on budget sucking, temporary life-fixers. Everyone wants good food but food that’s good-for-you isn’t always a priority. Cost, convenience, accessibility, and above all, TASTE are the top four reasons why eating better can be so intimidating for most and even harder to maintain for many. But when you know what works for your tastebuds and your lifestyle, adapting your kitchen for positive change can be easy and inspire life-changing results.
— Erin Yeschin